Lucky to be at home with my boys

@kieungoc (232)
United States
April 4, 2008 2:25am CST
I am a mom of two awesome boys. One is 3 (almost) and he has a great palate for different foods. Hopefully his baby brother will follow in his footsteps. I never really thought about this until my MIL (mom in law) told me my nephew isn't eating much (almost 1) and that his parents do not have the time to feed him like I did (do). I guess providing for your kid is an important part in how they accept food. What do you think about this theory? How do your kids eat and how was/is your schedule? We'll see how the second time around goes. Maybe we just got lucky and I could have worked the last couple of years and saved up some cash!
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4 Apr 08
That's wonderful that you stay at home! Not only is that helping your little boy eat nutritious foods, but it is the best choice emotionally, physically, and for your family! (I know in some situations the mom must work, but, when possible its best for your kiddos) KUDOS to you!
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@pumpkinjam (5774)
• United Kingdom
4 Apr 08
My kids are good with that sort of thing. They'll try most foods. Even if they've tried something before and not liked it, they are always prepared to try a different version of it or to try it again after a while. They are also good in lots of other ways. They are very bright, well mannered, thoughtful, talented. My toddler was a late walker, both my kids were/are late potty training and my 8 year old has terrible co-ordination! But other than that, they are excellent. I looked after them myself. I have held firm in my belief that my children are better off with me than anyone else and I think I may have proved my point! Some people can not stay home with their children so I appreciate that I can (although I would do absolutely anything to be able to). I have other things besides my children but my entire schedule is based around them so that I have had/do have time to be with them at crucial times and so that they can eat well. I do believe that their good eating habits (and everything else!) are certainly a direct result ofme being a "stay at home mum"