how do you plan for your college life

April 4, 2008 10:45am CST
i am a freshman in my college.sometimes i feel a little confused about my new life.i dont konw what to do or just dont know how to arrange my time.every morning when i got up,i opened my pc and logged in some websites & some softwares,and then i would brush my teeth,went to the dinner the classroom i would fall into asleep.i have to say my maths teacher is so rubbish.i cant bear it any more.i just wonder why would my school employ her. i played with my pc.a lot of my friends with escaped from the class.during the free time we just playeed CS or WOW.i konw we are just wasting time just buring our youth. so how do you plan for your college life
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5 Apr 08
School life is the worst and the best. Best in a way that you are no worried about your future, your whole life revolves around you. But the major problem with schools is that the students cannot choose subjects of thier interest thus they loose interest in their studies.
• India
4 Apr 08
though yu are wasting time.. you are enjoying that na... thats what we humans wants in our life... Do the activities what ever yu want to do now... bcoz later yu will be engaged with some other things... now yu are a free bird... enjoy yur life... these all are the words from an engineer who completed his engineering degree just now(this month)