Energy Vampires - Do you believe that certain people can drain you?

@ellie333 (21030)
April 4, 2008 4:56pm CST
I know I am physically well as I have had a recent MOT. I have been known to have anemia in the past but fine at the moment. I am usually quite lively but for some reason this week I feel totally drained. I actually feel worse when I am around a particular person, its not their mood that affects but I feel as if they are drawing my energy some how and I can't avoid them as they are a close neighbour who also helps with childcare etc. but within minutes of being around them I feel tired. I probably sound crazy, I know I am tired so will post and go to bed and answer each response when I wake. So do you think people can drain your energy in this way or places even? Or do you think I probably just need a good rest LOL? Please share. Ellie :D