Mothers of multiples...funny stories?

United States
April 4, 2008 11:06pm CST
Hello, I have twins and we got quite a bit of attention when we would go out and about when they were infants. (This was 7 years ago and twins weren't as common as they seem to be lately). Anyway, my best story from then is a lady who stopped me in the department store one day and asked the usual "are they twins?" But, as she looked at them, she began to argue with me that they were not twins. She was quite adamant about it. Ummm...hello?!? I think I would know...seeing as how I WAS THERE! I think she thought that twins had to be identical. Whatever- it was so amusing...well, not really at the time...haha. How about you- any stories like that?
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• United States
5 Apr 08
I have a funny or different story of twins and not really twins. When my sister and I were young we looked very much alike even though she was two years older. When we went out of town to visit our cousins, we would both get into the movies for the same rate because we would say we were twins...and I was under 12. Now, that is not really being honest, but it was lots of fun to pretend that we were twins. I think children have joy when pretending, and that was what we were doing. Back then, the movies cost 25 cents. If you were under 12, they were only 10 cents. So there you go.
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@lishiwei (1553)
• China
5 Apr 08
I also know one of this kind of things.My neighbor have twins.But I don't know that until my mother told me.I still can't believe because they are so different.So I think this kind of things is very comman.
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@Hatley (164640)
• Garden Grove, California
6 Apr 08
When I was working as an nurses aide in our local hospital I knew these two twins who were always getting that you cannot be twins you do not look anything alike. They were twins just not identical was petite and had long brown hair and the other one was two inches taller andaboutfifteen pounds heavier. but over the phone their voices were identical.