Californian schoolgirl rewarded with.....detention. OMG why????

April 5, 2008 7:04am CST
A 15 year old who stopped a school bus that was out of control has been rewarded by her teachers with detention!!!! Amanda Rouse was sitting on the school bus with 40 other younger children when the driver fell out of the seat and banged her head after going round a bend. The teenager jumped into the driver's seat and put the brakes on, bringing the vehicle to a halt before anyone was hurt. When teachers at her school heard they were less than impressed. They say Amanda should have been in class at the time and gave her SATURDAY detention!!! Amanda said she asked the driver for a ride as she felt sick at school. Her Grandmother said "she is in trouble with the school because she made the wrong decision but I cant help but believe that she was where God wanted her to be." How bizzare!!!
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• United States
5 Apr 08
What is so wrong with disciplining her for breaking a rule? There isn't enough of that these days it seems. HOWEVER, I absolutely agree with the grandmother- she did something wrong, yes, but she was right where she needed to be. Truly amazing that she had the presence of mind to jump in and do something- I don't even know if I would be calm enough to think like that! And a bus at that...Wow!
• Australia
5 Apr 08
THat's so dumb. What were they thinking? That would have been horrific, plus it would of costed them so much money if the schoolbus had crashed and instead of congratulating or thanking her they just punish her for not being in class!
@chris1314 (787)
5 Apr 08
This is mad, if that was my teacher i would have got my mum to over-ride the detention! over here we can do that. Yeah she was out of school for a a bit, bhut she saved 40 lives or so! Lets just see, the teacher would have had a different opinion if her child, or she herself was sat on that bus! Chris :)