Does rain ever make a bad day worse?

@joespez (180)
United States
April 5, 2008 8:24pm CST
Or do you just have bad days inspite of the weather? I had a pretty rough 24 hrs, and I noticed it STORMED last night and rained most of the day today. Now I wasn't consciously complaining about the rain but it seemed things went wrong all day. Any thoughts?
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@xialinye (1403)
• China
6 Apr 08
sometimes i like the rain but sometimes i don't... especially the drizzle,it made me depress... so when the weather rainy again,i just stay indoor and surfing internet or play my guita...
@Hatley (164471)
• Garden Grove, California
6 Apr 08
On gloomy and rainy days I get all moody and depressed and quick to anger but when the sun comes out I am just fine again lol
@Stegeo3 (199)
• United States
6 Apr 08
It's actually the opposite for me. Rain seems to be one of those odd things that calm me down on a stressful day. There's nothing like sitting down on the couch, sipping some hot cocoa, while watching rain drip down the windows for me. Of course, it gets annoying when I actually have to travel outside but it usually does more good than bad in my case.
@Fishmomma (11446)
• United States
6 Apr 08
Rain makes a bad day worse for me. My business needs dry weather, as people don't plant in the rain. It means the only money I make is online and that isn't enough to live on now. One other problem is my allergies are a lot worse with bad weather. I can go through a box of tissues very quickly. I avoid medication unless its so bad that I am having troubles sleeping.
@dandj929 (424)
• United States
6 Apr 08
Yesterday it was very stormy here in Connecticut. I had a meeting at work which made the day bad to begin with. Then on top of it I forgot my umbrella on my mad dash out the door to get to work on time. Then my pants were a bit too long and got all wet on the bottom as I was running to front door at work. Then I had a massive headache, most likely from the storm, the weather always affects my sinuses. I couldn't wait to get into bed last night and just end the day. Today ended up being beautiful, I felt completely rejuvenated. So i guess rain could make a bad day worse. Just thank goodness for the days that are beautiful!