Daily stats

April 6, 2008 4:19am CST
Do you document your daily stats for the programs you use? I just started to do so the other day to determine what my running total is on paid sites. I have 15 programs I'm active on, with a total of $51 in balances combined. This includes a pending cashout on one site. One is unknown right now, the stats page is down. Here's my list: Isabel marco $11.60(pending) Isabel Marco $1.83 Sebasbux $9.34(one payout) Technobux $1.35 Pacificclicks $2.89 Coinmachine $0.04 ProwlingPanther$1.06(one payout) Advercash UNKNOWN Titanclicks $0.45 Turbobux $2.64 Clixsense $3.10(2 payouts) PTCBrigade $0.08 Adbuddy $1.28(2 payouts) Sharebux $0.13 Honestbux $0.22 Mylot $11.30(one payout) So I think I'm doing well on these programs. I'm active daily, having fun on all of them, even the slow earners. Anyone else do this?
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@wolfie34 (26793)
• United Kingdom
6 Apr 08
Glad it's not just me who does that! I am very organized and keep an Xcel spreadsheet with all my earnings on it which I update daily! To see what I am earning and when I am ready to cash out. I have about twelve sites now and I only use those that pay through Paypal so I narrowed a few down. It soon mounts up!
• Canada
6 Apr 08
It sure does. My sites are split between Paypal and Alert Pay though, so I have a few more options for money making. Mine's just a simple notepad document that I update daily. I don't know why I never thought about doing this before.