Getting pets to eat

@saundyl (9690)
April 6, 2008 1:02pm CST
I have a bichon shih zu cross and shes an extreemly fussy eater. She will eat chicken cuts and gravy SOMETIMES occasionally she will eat the beef stew dog food but other than that she wont touch any canned dog food. Shes also very fussy about her crunchies.. Its gotta be purina puppy chow or Ol'roy small bites. The thing is with her I know what she will eat/not eat BUT she goes on this days on end where she wont touch her soft food I'm aware that she is eating the crunchies but i worry shes not getting enough. I suppose she is or she would be eating what shes given when its something she likes. Are there ways you guys get finicky eaters to eat? She seems to think that anything i eat she should get a bite of which..i know isnt always the best for her so i dont share with her...I will save bits of meat or something from a meal to feed her AFTER i'm done but she doesnt get foods that are junk food. Tricks i have tried with her are warming her food and giving it to her, setting it beside me for a while and then acting like im sharing my food with her...or refusing to let her sleep with me until she eats.
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@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
6 Apr 08
Well lets get something straight. An animal is not an fussy eater, but some owners of pets think they are and care maybe a little too much :) I'll bet that if you offter your pet some food that it dosen't like, then yes, maybe it wont touch it for a day or two, but believe me... when the hunger gets bad the food will be OK :)
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@saundyl (9690)
• Canada
7 Apr 08
Well that wasnt really what i was asking. I was asking if other people have tricks they use to get their dog to eat foods they dont want to eat or like to eat. I'd much rather have her eat the stuff thats good for her (that ive been told by the vet shes to eat) than feed her junk like truffles or something shes begging for.