Hillary Urges Bush to Boycott Opening Games of Olympics

Senator Hillary Clinton - Hillary urges President Bush to boycott Olympics.
@worldwise1 (14887)
United States
April 7, 2008 1:59pm CST
Senator Hillar Clinton has urged President Bush to boycott the opening games in the coming Olympics. Note that the Administration has steadfastly refused to act on the recommendations of Congress regarding China's human rights policies re Tibet and Darfur. I don't foresee any change in the Administration's attitude on this matter, but with all the fuss the issue is causing around the world what is your opinion? They are protesting wherever the Olympic Torch happens to be, thereby causing much civil disobedience. Was China a poor choice as a place to hold the Olympics this year?http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/President-George-W-Bush-Beijing-Olympics-Hillary-Rodham-Clinton/photo//080407/photos_pl_afp/e3fc2a7593aa62f434fb3cef7f3d94fb//s:/afp/20080407/pl_afp/chinaunresttibetrightsoly2008usclinton_080407183600;_ylt=Ai.xPMBruDj3Tqw_EjLoL3WtOrgF
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• China
10 Apr 08
Boycott the opening games in the coming Olympics?boycott the human rights in china?What a good topic to win the election of US.to earn the support level,anything can be twisted. Have you been to china?where you got the informations about china?please hold your words,when some day you been there,feel it,then you can have your comment.
@Alle91 (188)
• Australia
10 Apr 08
Just because China has a crap government, doesn't mean that they have crap people. Who are you trying to punish, the government or the people? 1.3 billion Chinese - That's a sixth of the world are waiting for the games to show the world who the PEOPLE really are. Should we be punishing the Chinese people even more, on top of having an incompetent government? If you want to punish the government, punish the government - leave the ordinary people out of it. Non non, NO BOYCOTT.
• United States
9 Apr 08
I'm appalled that the Olympic Committee even THOUGHT to allow a country like China host these games! China's past and present stand on Human Rights Issues should speak loud and clear to the world about what kind of leadership they have and how their own country is run. I personally think that any nation that abhors the actions of this country, especially in current issues, should boycott the games. It is sad that politics can ruin something so wonderful as the Olympic games but right is right and wrong is wrong. China's way of handling their citizens and infringing upon their rights and general humanity issues is wrong.
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
8 Apr 08
that is a hard one, I don't really know where I stand on the issue. In one way I don't agree with china's politics, but I believe that the olympics is a wonderful world community and governments should not sabotage it.
@irisheyes (4373)
• United States
8 Apr 08
Actually, she hasn't asked for a boycott of the opening "games". She's asked for a boycott of the opening "ceremonies". Frankly, I don't have a problem with that if it's what Americans want to do to protest the Tibetan situation. I would however have a problem with boycotting the opening games. The Olympics are a one shot deal for amny atheletes and it's heartbreaking for them to miss their chance. It was done during the presidency of Jimmy Carter. I oppossed it then and I still do. However, boycotting the opening ceremonies would not penalize the atheletes unnecessarily and it might get the message to the Chinese people that the rest of the world is not happy with their treatment of Tibet. Apparently, they are just blacking out all news about world opposition but it would be a lot harder for them to black out the fact that many foreign atheletes didn't participate in the opening ceremonies of their games.
@Guardian208 (1095)
• United States
7 Apr 08
I have been continually disappointed with our treatment of China over the last few decades. We continue to give them "Most Favored Nation" status and they have a terrible record of human rights violations. But I don't think that punishing our athletes is the right answer. Has Mrs. Clinton said whether or not she is going to continue to give them Most Favored Nation status once she is in office? Or is she just asking Bush to do something meaningless?
@anniepa (27238)
• United States
7 Apr 08
I was totally disappointed when it was announced that Bejing would be the site of this Olympics. China's record on human rights is one of the worse in the world and it seems everyone, including US (as in "us" and "U.S.") continues to reward them for it. Boycotting the entire Olympics is something I really have a hard time with because of how hard the athletes work and knowing for many there is only one chance at an Olympic Medal but I absolutely think our president should refused to participate or attend the opening ceremonies. But, of course, he'll be there. Annie