What is your major?

@rpegan (598)
United States
April 7, 2008 2:34pm CST
If you're a university student, what is your major? What opportunities are available to someone majoring in your area? I'm a biology major, but I'm specifically going for a Pre-Veterinary concentration.
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• United States
8 Apr 08
I am a public administration major. Basically, I learn about managing non profit organizations and about being an administrator. I could take the path of a planner within the field, but I want to be a firefighter. I am pretty interested in the calsses I am taking, but I am really getting this degree as a back-up plan just in case something happens to me.
@Canteen (595)
• China
8 Apr 08
i major in Tourism Management. we can choose to be a tour guide or work in a hotel in the future.i want to be a tour guide. and you know language is very important in this field, so i'm learning English and German. hope i can make a bright future for myself. :)
@Emmaglet (78)
8 Apr 08
I am studying Christian Youth Work, and I actually qualify by the end of this month, which is exciting stuff. By 2010 all youth workers need to have a qualification, so by gaining it now I do not have to go back to study once 2010 arrives. Being on the course has taught me so much, I couldn't have just gone from school into Youth Work without going to University first. The past two years have really challenged me to think outside the box and helped me to gain experience as a youth worker. I can't wait to start a job!
8 Apr 08
I'm also a biology major and i'm planning to pursue a career in the medical field.
• United States
7 Apr 08
Well right now I am undecided but that will soon change If I get accepted to my Universities Musical Threatre program which I hope I do get accepted. I also want to get my degree in English.