Do You Have A Regular Routine When You Log In Here

@KrauseHome (35665)
United States
April 7, 2008 9:29pm CST
on which discussions you post to first, or does it just depend on the mood you are in when you come in here? I know many may be in here so little of time sometimes due to other things going on in their life, so I wondered how people decide which discussions to post to first, and do you have a set routine each day when you come here? I know for myself a lot of the time, it depends on whether I have a Goal I am trying to meet for the day, and how much time I have to be in here. Since Mondays are one of my days off I usually find myself trying to answer more of my friends discussions than then other days on here. Some of them I look real forward to finding New discussions when I can, and learn a lot from them. So what is your routine, and do you have a set one, or does it vary from time to time when you come here? HAPPY myLotting!! ~~TINA~~
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• United States
14 Apr 08
Nope, I don't really have a routine. I usually look at the stuff that my friends have posted first, but then sometimes I'll go off and look at other discussions that are linked to those. It just really depends on what catches my eye.
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@jennybianca (12914)
• Australia
13 Apr 08
Yes, I do have a regular, I let all the notifications roll in. Whilst this is happening, I check my earnings for the day before. Then I start going through the notifications. I upload any I want to respond to, & delete those that I dont. Whilst I am doing this, I open up my unresolved discussions. When I have gone through some of the notifications, I then get to work. I reply to any responses I have received to discussions. I do Best Responses if there has been a two week time limit. Then I start responding to others discussions. If a topic comes to mind, I I may start a discussion myself.
@vera5d (4006)
• United States
10 Apr 08
usually i start by looking at discussions my friends started, then i will look at discussions in my interests, and then typically I will start replying to any posts in discussions i started. i usually do that last because it takes the least amount of time!
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• United States
8 Apr 08
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I am not good with setting goals. I hav et pretty much wing it. daily when I come on I hit the left side of the screen. I stick with the current posts for a while. Then I will go to my emails and respond to one whole post and try to find the best response. If not I will just continue to respond to others. I am trying now to get the images in my posts. I have done well so far with it. I try to limit myself to ten images when I am doing it. If I have a good day and all I want to do is mylot. I will post and respond to about 60. No matter how many I do. I set a time for me to get off mylot. Be in 9 pm if I was up late. Or like tonight I want to me sleep by midnight. I also forget sometimes to check my earnings the following day.
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