What type of paintings do you do?

@Carolyn63 (1403)
United States
April 8, 2008 2:05pm CST
I really haven't been painting long. My first painting was an abstract. It was something I got in my head that just had to come out. I recall telling my husband, I need paint and canvases and I need them now, lol. I have since done some other abstracts and some seascapes. I get so excited when I figure out a technique. I don't take classes. I have enjoyed working with water based paints, oils, and metallics. I even got a wild hair one day and painted a mural on my wall. However, just as with my writings, I find I have to be in a special mindset. Otherwise I won't be happy with anything I do. I have gotten so much joy from it. What types of paintings do you do? What mediums do you use?
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@Porcospino (19704)
• Denmark
7 Sep 09
I paint different kinds of pictures. Some of my pictures are a mixture of paint and paper. I buy old magazines and I use the pictures from the magazines in my pictures. I like to combine the pictures in an usual way. I also paint abstract pictures, and I like to experiment and "play" with the colours. I use different kinds of materials in my abstract paintings for instanse small pieces of paper, sand, stearin or coffee grinds. I use acrylics when I paint. I have tried water colours in the past, but I haven't tried oil paint yet.
@owlwings (40037)
• Cambridge, England
20 Jul 08
In the past I have done rather traditional drawings - rather careful and detailed - in pencil and pen with watercolour wash. They are mostly landscapes and buildings. Some of them I have been quite pleased with. Recently I have become interested in getting inspiration from manipulated digital photos. These days there are many graphics programs which can make many changes to photos - refining them to look something like pen and ink or simplifying them by reducing the number of colours or by using 'oil painting' or 'watercolour' filters. As with any picture, it is the composition and the choice of colours that really defines 'art' - in other words, it is the effect that you create in your mind and transfer successfully to a picture that 'does something' to your audience. Based on these manipulations, I get many ideas for interpreting (not just copying) these pictures in traditional pastel, oil pastels, watercolour or acrylics. Recently I have discovered Caran d'Ache Neocolor II which is a smooth, fairly greasy oil-style pastel which are water-soluble. My techniques are in the early stages and I don't have anything worthy of showing yet but I am beginning to be quite pleased with results and I am always learning the ways of using my media.