red hot chilli peppers legends

April 8, 2008 2:18pm CST
do you think the red hot chilli peppers are legend and why.? i like them because they make you relax ....
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• United States
10 May 08
I think that some of their earlier work will be remembered, I'm not sure if I would call them legends. I'd say they'll be remembered and well known to a point of like Nirvana, but not legends to the point of a band like Led Zeppelin.
@iamlord (21)
• Canada
6 May 08
I think they are legends. They have a diverse range of songs, from punky ones, to funk, to very relaxing tunes. They have amazing stage presence, and some of them are actors!
@star_a_d (10)
19 Apr 08
Definitely, RHCP from 80's and up to Blood Sugar are the legend, coz they do not exist anymore. Along with One Hot Minute we saw a new band who carried slight sign of heritage of previous years. Their style changed, their ways changed, they are not the same. And what they did to the music- will never be forgotten. That makes them the legend.
@allen0187 (34149)
• Philippines
16 Apr 08
i definitely think that the red hot chilli peppers are legends in their own right. i love their songs. some are funk, some are punk, others are downright rock. i love a lot of rhcp songs but my favorite one will be "californication". i love the video as it has a "mad max"-feel to it.
8 Apr 08
I like red hot chili peppers because they have a diverse range of songs, some are relaxing, others make you want to sing along.