Don't make the same mistake I did - Cooking with Hot Peppers

April 8, 2008 9:03pm CST
This may seem like a very trivial post but after having to go through my dinner tonight and pick out little specks of hot pepper from my meal or throw it out, I thought I would share. The really hot, little little red peppers that look so cute and innocent? They are not! They are deathly and will make you run around the house gasping for breath and drinking every cold beverage in your fridge. Instead of chopping these up in little peices simply prepare you meal with these whole then remove. If you are making a salad place them in the dressing let sit for a couple hours, then remove before using. I can't imagine anyone with a tolerance for hot food this high that they can actually eat these.
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@GreenMoo (11842)
9 Apr 08
It's always a good idea to taste the peppers before cooking with them, as different sorts can very so much in strength, as you've just discovered!! I grow all sorts of different peppers, and i find one of the easiest ways to use them is to turn them into a ht sauce. I can then add a drip or two to my food, or miss it out completely when it comes to feeding the kids. I do like your tip of putting the peppers in whole then pulling them out though. That's a really good idea. You could also leave them there but warn people, then those with cast iron mouths could eat them if they wanted to and the rest of us could leave them on the side of the plate. what a great discussion. this made me smile as I've done it so often myself :-)