Get a boyfriend???

April 9, 2008 2:44pm CST
My friend asked me how to get bf, but i have no idea to answer that. I even wonder, how i mey my bf. We just being close since his friend introduced him to me in a party, and just being together...hehe. My friend is twenty one years old, she is actually has nice long hair, cute face, and nice eyes but she is wearing glasses. She is also friendly and warm hearted... i wonder, how could she never has boyfriend since born! At first i met her, i though she has bf already, but actually she never has any experience with any boys. Can you help her? How to get a good boyfriend for her?
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• Philippines
31 Jul 08
well i guess you have to go out on dates or you can ask your friends to help you set up a date with someone they knew or chat on the net im sure you;ll find one but be careful if youll meet the guy okay? you can ask your friend to accompany you dont worry ill look for you :)
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
28 Jul 08
I'm not sure what to tell your friend other than she has to be kind to the guys that she is attracted to. I am not sure if anyone else can actually get a boyfriend for her because guys have to be attracted to her looks and personality as well. I wish her the best in her venture though.
@subha12 (18453)
• India
10 Apr 08
first of all glass may seem bad looking, but its not anrgative point in falling in love. she should be more open anf=d frank. she shoukd socialize more with people. think ths way she can.
@reeseyj (906)
• United States
9 Apr 08
The best way to meet someone is to not to try to meet someone . Just forget about it and he will come. I think maybe another option is to ask your boyfriend if he knows anyone that suits your friend and go on a double date because she will be nervous. It is so easy to meet people, I think there is something your friend is doing that discourages people from taliking to her. Maybe you can have a conversation with her and figure it out with her or maybe watch her from a distance in public and see how she acts around other people. I hope this helps.
• Estonia
9 Apr 08
Forgot to say , but must add that she MUST NOT hesitate to ask ! If he says no ( and I doubt it ) then well there are plenty fish in a sea. If yes ...isnt it Yay ? BOys are human beings too , we DO UNDERSTAND your feelings !
• Estonia
9 Apr 08
Firstly GLASSES ARE NOT bad thing . She should try your way like hanging out with friends more - then there is always a guy she will fall for , she should try to become friends with him, good friends - if she is a good person as you say then it is not a problem . After becoming friends you have 3 ways if HE HAS NO girlfriend 1) just wait for miracle 2) ask him to go out 3) wait for him to invite you ( but you must know that he likes you!) Everything is in your hands . Btw Girls please smile as often as you can - this is the most beautiful thing in the world .