What it is "myLot code"?

Thank - for everybody here
April 9, 2008 3:19pm CST
hi to all my friends and those who take party in myLot! at last I came back to myLot after long period of absent. And found some changes here. First what made me a little bit upset - I lost my earnings I had before. Second - I lost one star:( I had 10 before. Sure it's a little bit sad, but I don't cry of that much. I wasn't active long time, co it was "price" . So I noticed, that here is a lot of reclam, placed below our comments and one thing - "myLot code" ...Am curious, what it mean and what i can do with it and is it necessary to do anything? Pls explain me! I thank all who will reply
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9 Apr 08
You can use mylot code to do smileys/emotions and to make your text bold, italic or underline but you need to have over 200 posting (which you obviously have!!)
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9 Apr 08
Hi , and thank u for reply! Now will use them often