Is a positive outlook on life automatically considered CHEESY?

@lifbrue (108)
United States
April 9, 2008 3:58pm CST
That's really the meat of this discussion. I think the root of this thought comes from the idea that bad stuff is so ridiculously obvious in life that anytime anyone comes into contact with a positive person, it must be because they totally are looking the other way from the way the world REALLY is. It's kind of like a drug to be optimistic and reject all the hell that's taking place on earth right NOW. Does anyone hear Rage Against the Machine right now?
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@sunkissed (4332)
• United States
30 Apr 08
Well it is very easy to let the things of this world get you down. All of us have a lot of heart break in our lives.But we have to look on the bright side of life.If we do not nobody will want to be around us. When we are down and out all the time it takes a toll on us physically and emothly. It is not that these people are looking the other way. They just do not let others see the things that are bothering them.Positive people are like magnets, they are fun to be around.
@Hatley (164484)
• Garden Grove, California
12 Apr 08
A positive outlook on life has been proven to help you avoid heart trouble and high blood pressure so what is not to like? Is it not more pleasant to be around someone who smiles instead of frowns, and has a hopeful attitude about life in general. not a Pollyana type but an outgoing great to be with personality. I would much rather be with an optimist than a grukp any day.
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
11 Apr 08
no it is not cheesy it is great that people can find good in this world, beats going around depressed every day of your life because there is always something you can find that is wrong with this world.
@minnie_98214 (10573)
• United States
9 Apr 08
Well I think you can be positive about life and its not cheesy. I mean there is bad in the world but you can still life to its fullest and be happy. I see whats goinon out there and am still optimistic cause I beleive I am living a good life and my kids are gonna too.