Did it ever happened that your GOALS in Life was met??

April 10, 2008 4:43am CST
each of us has dreams and goals in life which in the first place we had set a preferred or target years to met on it..well, i know some did make it as they've plan but how about you??,,, did it ever happened that u met what was your goal in life when you were in grade school, until finished a degree then what did you do???.....when suddenly you end up to a failure...:(
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@winterose (39918)
• Canada
11 Apr 08
yes my goals were met, school wise, but afterwards no, I didn't get the job I went to school for, and yes I did go into something else but it was far beneath my skills, then I reached my goals in writing two books, but I am still not a millionaire lol, the books sell but not that much.
• Indonesia
10 Apr 08
well, i always consider that everything happens in my life comes out of my (conscious or unconscious) wish. so, i believe that we will met our goal, whatever it is. the important thing is just deciding the right goal in our life.
@xlinzixx (511)
10 Apr 08
so fr only one of my goals in life has been completed and thats to be a glamour model my next goal im working on is studying law, which im doing now
@LucyZhang (313)
• China
10 Apr 08
Travel around the world is my dream. I choose English as my major and learned Britain and American history, culture and literature, it made my to communicate with native speaker more easily, because English is an international language. I work in an import and export corportion after graduation, I have more chance to go abroad. I believe I can realize my dream in the future.
@heart143 (1204)
• Philippines
10 Apr 08
I am very contented with the life I have. I think all people set goals in their lives so as to set direction and make lives worth living. I think I have reached all my goals. Some exactly what I wanted, some a little different while others...totally unexpected. Thinking back at all my aspirations and goals, it seems that God has really a plan for all of us. He has His reasons for granting or rejecting our prayers. I would say we cannot really predict what future lies ahead of us. We can prepare our ways but we can never know the what would really be the outcome of it. I guess it's destiny that leads us to where we really should be.
@kezabelle (2985)
10 Apr 08
I set out with a few goals one being to find my perfect job and gain the qualifications I needed to do it, I did that, the second was to have a family I have done this also with a wonderful man and we have two beautiful little girls. My goals from now on well we would like to increase our family once more but after that it will be about bringing my children up to be happy and healthy and myself then going back to work once they no longer need me at home so much. I plan to study a course though that will inable me to further my career in a different way. It is good to have goals but they take a lot of hard work
• India
10 Apr 08
So far my life has been good and i havent just acheived my goal as yet but i have been lucky to be placed where i am right from my unplanned selection of subjects to career toady.i guess i gave my best and good things have happened to me though the best is yet to happen