which is the best book of dan brown?

April 10, 2008 8:13am CST
well dan brown is among the greatest friction writers of all times...he has written great fictions such as the da vinci code, tangels and demons, deception point, digital fortress.......so which is your favourite?
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@emeraldisle (13145)
• United States
10 Apr 08
Well I've only read two of his books so far, "The Da Vinci Code" and "Angels and Demons". I enjoyed both of these books. I found he really did his research and made them seem very plausible. I think between the two I prefer ed "The Da Vinci Code". The only reason though for that is because "Angels and Demons" was a prequel and thus you knew that Langdon had to survive. That fact hurt the suspense in my opinion other then that they were both excellent and I look forward to reading more of his books.
11 Apr 08
ya the da vinci code is undoubtedly among the best fictions ever wrote..........
• India
13 Apr 08
I have read all his books. His books have not only story but they are also descriptive and informative. da vinci code is also a good book but I like angels and demons most.
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@billyoo (17)
22 May 08
I have read all dan browns books and the best one has to be the da vinci code because it had us questioning whether the book held any truth, even the vatican came out and said this book was fiction so that says how much drama this book caused.
22 May 08
well undoubtedly da vinci is among the best books ever written........thanks for the post and best of luck for the future........
• India
7 May 08
I have read three of his books except digital fortress. In these book i liked Angels and Demons more. Because in Deception Point i dont know but after some time i came to know that it whose plot is that. Angels and Demons is too to good to put down. It really a well paced thriller and till last moment u cant tell what is happening. Then i will go for Da Vinci Code.
17 May 08
ya i agree with you man....i think angels and demons in the lot...thanks for the post...best of luck for the future........
@aplaza (631)
• Netherlands
21 May 08
I've read all the Dan Brown books. I think Angels & Demons is the best. I liked the others too but this one was the most interesting. If I were a spin doctor I would have hyped this one instead of the DaVinci code. Of course it's not something I would put in the literature category. But it is a nice fast paced entertaining book that doesn't get boring. It's well worth the read.
@deebomb (15322)
• United States
10 Apr 08
I have only read one of Dan Brown's books. I wasn't impressed with his writing. It is too much like a dime store detective He didn't check out his so called fact good enough. So I wasn't encouraged to read any of the rest of his books.