Stupid & weired ones

April 10, 2008 12:08pm CST
Have you ever met stupid & weired people what would be your reaction.For me it depends upon my mood whether that person will be happy or tuned to anger but others laughing
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• Philippines
13 Apr 08
O yes. There are a lot of weird people in this planet. lol! In my work place for instance, I have a weird boss. Whenever she would call us for a meeting she would always discuss how we, the employees, should behave in the office, that we should not be neighboring, wasting our time on non-work related stuff and that we should not be late or absent. Well I know it sound so upright, yes it is but Imagine my boss being the first violator of her own rules and yet she's like not being aware of her own actions. So that whenever we're on a meeting, the things that she would say to us really applied to her. She should have listen to herself in the first place right? For me it is so weird to expect someone follow a rule that the author him or herself doesnt follow. Sometimes her self professed greatness and uprightness really bothers me, It makes me angry but then again - that's how people goes. If I will take her seriously - i might end up in an asylum!
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• India
15 Apr 08
Bosses are always there to break the rules. They want their employees to be perfect they are least bothered about them. Just ignore her don't take it serious. Bosses are stupid exceptional are there also.
@Hatley (164506)
• Garden Grove, California
13 Apr 08
Stupid in what way and weird in what way. I have known people who are hard to get along with and have tried to steer clear of them . I do not like to laugh at others even if they do appear stupid because I do not know what that person's circumstances are.maybe they are just shy rather than actually stupid. weird is also sometimes in the eye of the beholder.supremely intelligent people are often thought weird by those of limited intellect. but that does not make them weird it just makes the ones of limited intellect look really stupid and also weird.