noni juice

@dixie1 (1330)
United States
April 10, 2008 6:25pm CST
Have you heard of this type of juice? Do y ou know anyone who has tried noni and is it really good for your health?
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@lilaclady (28245)
• Australia
10 Apr 08
I have heard of this, a friend of mine used to sell it in her Health Food Shop, it was so expensive and there were quite a few people who came into buy it on a regular basis so at the price it was i thought it must be good stuff...
@winterose (39923)
• Canada
12 Apr 08
I have heard of it never tried it though, I did see hear on tv that there is no proof that this juice is any healthier than any other normal juice
@caribe (2465)
• United States
11 Apr 08
The noni plants grow well here in Nicaragua. I am not fond of them although they are said to cure all sorts of ailments and are used by doctors of natural medicines. They are quite expensive in the USA but here they are very cheap. I have a couple of Noni plants but I must confess that I don't drink the juice although everyone says I should. Unless I mix it with orange juice, I can't stand the taste.
@Hatley (164838)
• Garden Grove, California
11 Apr 08
Oh yesad nauseam It is no better than ordinary juices and is really being over priced and over rated. a lot of crap is given about it curing all sorts of stuff like diabetes and on and on but essentiallyits just an exiotic fruit that is way too expensive for what it actually does. any of our ordinary juices like pineapple or cherry or raspberry or strawberry juice would be just as good for you and not as expensive either. expensive does not mean better.