Very traumatic experience seeing dog hit with car

United States
@mode09 (158)
April 10, 2008 7:46pm CST
Yesterday on the way home from work I saw a black dog run across the road and he made it in front of all the traffic. Then he decided to run back across the road. I stopped when he ran in front of me but the oncoming traffic did not and it got hit. I never saw anything so horrific in my life. I pulled over and jumped out to try to rescue it if it was still alive. Someone told me it had actually got up and ran off yelping in pain. I was in shock as it looked really mangled when it got hit. I went around in the neighborhood where it took off to look for it, as I was not about to stand around and gossip about it like some of the people there. I could not find it and someone else had called the police to help find it. I left when they arrived, so I have no idea if it got medical treatment or if it went off and died. This bothered me all last evening and I was almost reliving it when I passed the scene today for work. I have been so upset by seeing this and I can't get it out of my head. I have 3 dogs I really care for and I would be devastated if something like that happened to them. Has anyone ever seen something like this and how did you get over it?