Dressing dogs up - your opinion.

April 11, 2008 3:16am CST
I just saw an advert on here for a coat for a dog. So I was wondering do you dress your dogs up? If so, is there a reason for this? If not, why do you choose not to? Even if you don't own a dog, what is your opinion on this? I don't. I will be honest and say I purchased a England top a year back when I worked in a pet shop and it was England playing. I also purchased a little spring hoodied jumper for my small border terrier. However, I put it on him once to see what it looked like and he didn't seem bothered although my other dog tried to pull it off his back, lol. I generally think it's a bit silly to think of your dog as an accesory to dress up, because they aren't that. Plus they have a their own coat for a reason. The only thing I think is okay, is like a water proof coat (although it's not really a coat as theres no arm holes) to keep them slightly dry and warm in the rain, my stepnan uses them for her Jack Russells.
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@meiji15 (664)
• Philippines
11 Apr 08
i agree with the other mylotters who have posted in your thread. it's silly to dress up dogs. i only put clothes on my dogs to shield them against cold. nowadays, dogs have become an accessory for other people. and that i think is unacceptable... fyi i like huge dogs because you can't dress them up :D
11 Apr 08
lol, I agree with all of you. I just wanted to see what they'd look like but I've got 2 tops that are pointless, plus I couldn't walk them in them - people would give me evils I think. Big dogs rock - Chihuahuas are the ones that seem to be the biggest accessory, oh and pugs.
@jesbellaine (4157)
• Philippines
19 Apr 08
My aunt and little cousin/siblings sometimes dressed up our dogs when they were little then they would go outside and stroll, just for fun. I guess they like it when others notice how cute the dogs are. hehe.
@julievy (595)
• United States
12 Apr 08
One of our terriers is quite small and has short fur. She loves to burrow into blankets on the sofa or chairs. So, when we go out for walks in the winter I do put a coat on her, otherwise she doesn't like to stay out for long. If I hold out the coat to her, she'll come and stick her head in - so she obviously likes it. I don't however, dress the dogs in cutesly stuff. Just the coat for warmth in cold (Minnesota) weather.
@Seraphine (385)
• Finland
11 Apr 08
In my opinion, it looks incredibly silly. If I would by any chance get a dog that really does get too cold and shivers in wet/cold weather, then I would consider getting a real dog coat (the same style coat that exists for horses) for him/her, but never in the world would I be buying pink shirts and hats and other clothing stuff that exist nowadays. Dogs are dogs, however cute they may be, they are not meant to be dressed up like humans. I feel sorry for every dog that has to put up with owners that keep on dressing them up, not letting them be what they really are, a dog.
@Esoteric1 (866)
• Canada
11 Apr 08
Personally I would never dress my dog up or any pets. I think it looks silly, with that being said I've always wanted to try something cute or w/e but since I think it's silly I never tried. To each their own I guess.
@redrover (597)
• United States
11 Apr 08
I think it's silly to dress up your dog. I thought about buying mine a rain coat once, but decided if it was uncomfortable in the rain i would have to stand with her shorter.