Public vs. Private School. Where are you sending/will you send your child(ren)?

@dandj929 (424)
United States
April 11, 2008 6:17am CST
My daughter will be turning 4 in September and will be starting preschool. So now is the time when we need to start thinking about her going into Kindergarten. We are moving to a town where the public schools are very high rated but I am still looking into private schools to see if they will be better suited for my daughter. Her father and I both went to public schools in the town to which we are moving but a lot has changed since we went to school. Are you sending your chil(ren) to public or private school? Will you be sending your child(ren) to public or private school? If you are sending them to Private school, are you finding it to be a financial difficulty? Please share your stories/experiences/opinions. Thank you.
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@sedel1027 (17868)
• United States
11 Apr 08
I went to Catholic School, my husband went to Private and Public Schools. In our area there are Public Schools that are rated better than the Catholic Schools are and the same goes for some of the Private Schools as well. There is only 1 Private School that knocks all the other schools out of the park and is $10,000/year (plus you have to pay for buses to and from school, and on days off daycare). We could probably do it if my ex would pitch in some, but he refuses. My son goes to one of the best public schools in the area and I think it is okay. We are moving at the end of May and the school he will be in is better than the one he is at now. They offer Art, Science, and Music in their curriculum. Currently we are paying for after school activities to cover those niches.
• India
11 Apr 08
I prefer private school only.The quality of education in public school is not so good compare to private school.The only problem is then fees,we have to pay in the private school.
@Esoteric1 (866)
• Canada
11 Apr 08
I went to public schools, and now I send my son to public school. Next year he will be starting at my old stomping grounds, so I will get to see my old high school again .... oh joy.