the postal service here sucks!

@saundyl (9690)
April 11, 2008 11:15pm CST
Back in January on the 7th i mailed a packaged to my grandmother. (a digital camera) express post with $100 insurance. I mailed several other items at the same time...stapled all the labels and receipts i was given together when i got them (yeah im a freak i have a mini stapler in my purse for this) It was to get there on the 9th. It never arrived. So I went to the receipts i was given to find i was not given a tracking number. So i went to inquire as to why..and how to get it. The ladies at the post office informed me they could not help me id have to call the help line...and gave me the number. I called that got told without a number (which i wasnt given) i couldnt be helped. So i went back and asked again..indicated i had all the receipts including the interac one with transaction numbers but no tracking number. They gave me another number to call...this has gone on for well its 3 months now. I asked for the manager several times only to be told oh shes not in today or she'll get back to you or shes busy. On Wednesday I was in mailing another item. I made sure to get the tracking number saying "last time i mailed an express post item it never got there and i wasnt given a tracking i lost my digital camera even though i have the insurance on it" not realizing that the manager was the woman standing behind this other lady. So she takes note and as i was walking out she stopped me to talk to me asked me what i was talking about and i explained...and she says oh if you have that interac rreceipt we can go through the jounrals from that day and get tracking number. So today i made a copy of the receipt and took it in with original to show i had it but wouldnt give it up. Within an HOUR she had called me with the number. So i checked where it says it went....turns out tracking says it NEVER left the post office here. So i called and claimed my insurance. Why couldnt they do that 3 months ago when i started asking and took in the papers to begin with. Why did i have to whine and complain weekly for three months??? IT just SUCKS. Other than that item there have been several other items lately that have taken months longer than they should to get where they are going. its driving me batty i'd rather send stuff ups. I received a bill the other day from SFBC saying i had received 2 books in october that i needed to pay for....i never got them and wasnt aware they were supposed to have come...the tracking info on them said they were delivered..through post office.
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@Sir_bobby88 (8244)
• Singapore
12 Apr 08
Well guess i am lucky to have one of the best postal service in my country yea lol.
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@saundyl (9690)
• Canada
13 Apr 08
i thought ours was pretty decent up until about 5 months ago when things started not getting places.