Do you think the canadiens can do it again?

April 12, 2008 5:40pm CST
Do you guys think Montreal has what it takes this year to win it all the way? Sure the Canadiens have been the best team in hockey for most of their existence, But that has not been the case for some time now. Too many seasons either missing the playoffs or being knocked out in the first round has left me skeptical about this season. What do you guys think? can they do it again? will the lose in this first round? second? etc
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@Chispa514 (871)
• Montreal, Quebec
14 Apr 08
I will be surprised if they win this year. So far they have won what, 2 or 3 games, and they THINK they are on a roll, but eventually with all these young guys,they will start to get too confident and end up messing up somehow, happens all the time in sports, especially teams with alot of young players
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• Canada
15 Apr 08
Good point, honestly I would be surprised myself if they win. I am so used to them letter me down lol. They need to stay confident, they just can't become complacent as they have a habit of doing. Thank you for your response.
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
13 Apr 08
the canadian team is not the best team in the league anymore, no more pocket rocket, no more Jean beliveau, maurice and henri richard, jacques plante and more, I don't think they won a game since 1992. but those old guys of the 50's loved the game it was not about money it was about being canadian, that was their team for life, now nobody cares
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• Canada
15 Apr 08
Well technically they still are the best team in hockey as no other team has more cups. They used to be the best team in all the north American professional sports. Yeah they haven't won since 1993. I think they mostly don't care as the team has had bad management and the players were not being treated right, so they leave and go for the better dollars.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
28 Aug 08
I must have missed this by now but I bet the Canadaians can do just about anything that anyone else can. They have some very good athletes. I'm so sorry that I am late for your discussion. I hope it all went well.