Do You Want To be A SUPERHERO??

superhero - do you want to be a superhero??
April 13, 2008 12:25am CST
I watched Superman, X-men, and SpiderMan Movies and I'm very amazed because of their powers even though it's just a fantasy....... But If you We're given A CHANCE TO BE ONE OF THEM, What POWER DO YOU WANT TO ACQUIRED?? If I am a Superhero I just Want to have the super strength and the ability to fly like SUPERMAN....... I watched also a MOVIE of a BOY and THEIR PARENTS ARE HEROES TO And HE GOES TO A SCHOOL OF SUPERHEROES.... He Must show his POWERS but Unfortunately he doesn't know his powers at first... I FORGOT THE TITLE OF THAT MOVIE BuT I Guess their family was called ARMSTRONG.. I want t know it and watched it again because I just watched on a cable t.v thats all....
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• India
13 Apr 08
I would like to be Superman. After all he can fly, and he is strong, and he also sees through wall... bullets cannot kill him and his breathe can even change the direction of wind. But that's just comic... actually, even if one is not that powerful just being given extraordinary brain to be able to do things much more efficiently and invent new medicine for humankind itself will be a big achivement... alas! these are all wishes....
@kieungoc (232)
• United States
13 Apr 08
I don't know if you consider him a super hero, but I would love to be the Bourne Identity. At least his powers are attainable. But if I had to choose a comic book super hero, I would love to be Superman.