What are some of your favourite childhood memories?

New Zealand
April 13, 2008 4:44am CST
I remember, when I was very young, on cold winter nights in England my dad would cover my bed with his overcoat for extra warmth. I’ll never forget the lovely smell of that thick herringbone coat or the warmth and security it gave me. I remember when we were young all the kids of the neighbourhood would go down to the local soccer pitch to kick a ball around after school. At 5 o’clock all the mums would send all the dads down to get the kids home for tea. Then at 5.30 all the mums would come down to get the kids AND THE DADS home for tea. I remember once my dad took me fishing with my little kiddies fishing rod. I thought I was really cool catching the little rock fish. My line got caught in the rocks and dad tried to free it but leaned out too far and fell in. I remember my mum, my little brother, me AND MY DAD laughing fit to bust. Dad is long gone now but I will take those happy memories to my grave. What memories have you of your childhood???
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@dawnald (84146)
• Shingle Springs, California
14 Apr 08
I remember when my grandfather was living with us and I had been sent to bed without supper. He came and sneaked a plate to me. And then later he was going to bring me some dessert but he caught me playing with my mom's makeup so he wouldn't give it to me. Or the time we went and visited my cousins at their home in San Mateo. I remember painting snail shells with the two older ones, Robin and Holly. Or my mom playing peek a boo with my youngest brother! Or Saturdays when dad got us out of the house so that mom could sleep. This usually involved going to the record store where he'd load up on LPs and make us promise not to tell mom and then afterwards we'd go to Shakey's and have pizza. Sliding down the stairs on sleeping bags. Riding my bike, no hands, 100 times around the cul-de-sac. Wolfie's Diner - in which myself, my siblings and a friend used to pretend my mom's kitchen was a restaurant and we concocted the most interesting things. Including brownies where we didn't have all the ingredients that ended up tasting more or less like french toast (less, I'd say)...
@kezabelle (2985)
13 Apr 08
I think my best one is every friday my dad would finish work early and come home and collect me and my sisters and walk with us up to the corner shop and buy us a little sweet and a comic then we would go home and just have some family time, my dad worked so hard over 12 hours every day sometimes 14-16 hours a day but he was always there on the friday for us, even as we got older and the buying turned from a comic to a trashy girly magazine!