religious rights VS women's rights?

United States
April 13, 2008 7:13pm CST
Oh boy. I live in TX, so of course, the news is all about the polygamist compound raid. How far do we go to protect religious freedom in this country? How long do we let perpetrators of abuse hide behind the facade of "It's our religon"? Do your religious rights top my rights as a woman - heck, as a human being? And only one girl blew the whistle... does that mean that the others were not being abused? Or that they just did not know anything else? As a 'cult' survivor, I don't think that just because I had no clue that I could actually leave and escape makes the abuse I suffered any less. But there seems to be no protection for women and children in situations where abuse is condoned by religious belief. So the real question is: Can you get away with anything short of murder, and cry foul if the government steps in? How far does the right to worship freely extend?
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