do you give your real name to a stranger?

@rhane7315 (5680)
April 14, 2008 2:19am CST
when a stranger asks for your name and your number like cell phone and home phone, do you give it to them or do you give them false infos about you? most of the time it happens on me lol especially when i'm in a public transportation a stranger would talk to me and ask me what was my name and if they could have my cell phone number. i just give them a false name and i also told them that i don't have my own cell phone number lol there was also one time that a stranger asks me if we could meet again and that he would fetch me on school lol i just thank him and told that i already have a boyfriend and he said that my bf and i were not yet married so it's ok for me to see some other guy and that pisses me off because of his very rude manner