Britain's Got Talent

April 15, 2008 7:33am CST
Who do you want to win from those shown so far? Who do you think are more likely to win? There were some amazing performances from those shown but I think one thing we have to remember is that the acts must differ their performances for the next round. So will the dog be able to do something different by each next week? thats just an example. I have a feeling that Andrew, the 13 year old choir boy, will go quite far in the competition but I don't want him to win as Paul Potts won last year for doing Opera. Its time for something else! I was extremely suprised when I saw Scala for the reason that I already knew them, for a reason the papers seem to have not caught on to yet. Lets just say one of them has a famous boyfriend. I don't think they will win, but they are most definitely going to struggle less in the music industry. I'm very doubtful that they keyboard player will get to the final round lol. I think my favourites are Scala and the dog so far.
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@kezabelle (2985)
15 Apr 08
Scala are my favourite so far and even if they dont win I can see them going far anyway! What made me sad was the little boy singing opera and him saying how people bullied him I hope him telling the nation how cruel they are has shamed them a little into changing their behaviour people can be so cruel sometimes and you have to admire him for keeping on going
15 Apr 08
He was on the international ITV news last night and they spoke to some of his 'mates'. They said that they were some of those who were cruel t him about his love of Opera and that now he has been seen on television, people will respect him more.
@suz1000 (160)
1 Jun 08
Im disappointed that George won, only because ts really not my thing. I loved signature they are very talented and manage to keep to what makes us laugh the most yet still do something different each time. Escarla are incredbily talented musicians and I can see them with an album out very soon. Farel the young singer is also talented and I wouldnt of minded if she had won she certainly has a pretty incredible voice. I think they were probably the ones who stood out most for me, but I think most of them in some way deserved to reach the final, I felt the plumbers song choice was bad and if he truly didnt choose it himself then he was badly let down by whoever did.
@littleone3 (2065)
16 Apr 08
I have to say i think that Andrew the 13 year old boy was brillant i hope he goes far so he can show those bullies up.Children can be so cruel. And i was very impressed with the dog he was so well trained and the act was very different. I prefer to reserve my judgement because we still have alot of other acts to see. But so far its Andrew and the dog for me.