Do you have bad habits???

@Wyrus168 (131)
April 15, 2008 11:12pm CST
Do you have bad habits? My main bad habit is sloth and lust, I'm now trying to change them now. Bad habit can also be divide into two: Physically or Mentally. The physically bad habits is like you're sometimes too lazy to do your assignment, your houseworks, you rather sleep at home and not doing anything. While the mentally bad habits are the habits which you don't wanna do, but your brain send impulses to some part of your body, causing you to do it. Sometimes you don't even feel that you're doing that habit. It's like a Tourette's Syndrome. I had this kind of mentally bad habits since I was six. By calculating them all from when I was six, till now, I had a total of 36 different types of bad habits, including my physically bad habits. One of the mentally bad habits which I have is blinked my eyes hard, just like what Hiro Nakamura was doing when he wanted to teleport himself in Heroes season 1. How many bad habits do you have exatly, I mean both physically and mentally???
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16 Apr 08
I think there are many types of bad habits. Physically, you might smoke. Mentally, you might procrastinate. Socially, you might be a racist. Emotionally, you might be distant, remote, or detached from your spouse. Professionally, you might take a shortcut or be a bit slow coming back from a break.