Have you ever spent a night in the public toilet?

April 19, 2008 7:08am CST
When I saw the scene, where Will Smith slept inside the public toilet with his son, I said to myself.. "Gee, that happened to me once." My friends and I were on the way to the October Fest in Munich, and we had to wait 4hours for the next train. It was quite a chilly autumn night, i think it was almost dawn, around 3am. The train station main gate was open, and it was very cold. So, after a few minutes hugging each other trying to make ourself warm, we decided to find a warm place to sleep. And the only place that's available was the ladies room. So, there we were, spending one of the most memorable night of our lives on the ladies room's floor in the small city i cant even remember the name. Any of you have ever spent a night in the public toilet?
3 responses
@sisco100 (2345)
• United States
21 Apr 08
i would have to say i havent and i dont think i could ever. but i have to say tht it was a good movie
• Indonesia
21 Apr 08
indeed, it's a very good movie.
@kezabelle (2985)
19 Apr 08
No I can honestly say I havent and im not sure I would want to sit on a public toilet floor I dont know about the toilets near you but here they are all pretty disgusting walking in them takes nerves of steel let alone sitting on the floor!
• Indonesia
19 Apr 08
Thank you for the comment. Fortunately the toilet was clean, and we had no other choice as well. That night was very darn cold.
• Latvia
21 May 08
I have slept on the small bench in some park of Valencia, Spain. I was not alone, but together with my friend. It was a very hot summer in Spain that time, and early in the morning 4 a.m., we got cold 'shower' by park's wattering system! It might seem funny, but at that moment we were not so beatified. However, to spend night in public toilet would not be adventure I like to experience. I felt some pity of Dad and Son at this movie, but life can bring as much surprises, good and not so good. The question is how we 'meet' them!