April 20, 2008 1:17am CST
hello friends...I want to tell you something about me.I have been happily married for 10 years but sadly as Godswish I could not become pregnant and could not be a biological mother but i always had the motherly instinct so one day out of the ble when a lady came to me and said if she wanted to adopt a baby I just could not say no to he and finally I adopted the baby girl whose name is tanya and she is a very beautiful girl as well.friends is my decision right in adopting that child or should i had waited a bit more longer.please suggest me..........
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@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
21 Apr 08
I think that every woman deserves to become a mother & if it cant be naturally for whatever reason, then adoption would be the next logical option! There are so many women out there that are in your situation & i'm sure most of them would have done the same thing :) It's great you can still be a mother to a child who is no longer wanted or cant be taken care of properly. I think every child deserves a family of their own, who loves them no matter what! If i could afford adoption then i definitely would consider it later down the track but i don't think it will ever be affordable for me & here in Australia, parents are helping their own children to raise babies rather than putting them up for adoption so there are HEAPS of people here wanting children but with there being very few kids available it's SUPER expensive because you have to adopt from overseas. I think you're very lucky to be able to adopt & even though you cant have your own children, you're still able to raise a child as your own. Well done, that's 1 less child who has to worry about whether they'll ever be a partof a real family :) Adoption is a wonderful thing for both adults & children!
• India
21 Apr 08
thanx friend for you view.....i really liked it.
@kezabelle (2985)
20 Apr 08
No you have every right to become a parent if adopting is the way you must go to become a parent then thats certainly the right choice to make for you. Congratulations on becoming a mother I hope you and your new daughter will be very happy for many years to come.
• India
21 Apr 08
Thanx friend for being so caring.Yes dear motherhood is really a tremendous feeling and i feel that every woman on earth should experience this.And you must also have heard that even the earth on which we are living on is also called as MOTHER EARTH