What is the color of your car? Do you want to change it?????

@goergineo (1498)
April 20, 2008 7:37am CST
I have a white car. I like the color white so I will never change the color of car. What about you?
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@kezabelle (2985)
20 Apr 08
Ours is a deep really dark red, I neither like nor dislike it I suppose I am used to it. We had an electric blue car one that was my favourite of all the colour cars we have had including green and bright red and silver, yes we have had a lot of cars lol
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@Remando (177)
20 Apr 08
I adore my cute little mint-coloured Ford KA. Even though she does cost me a total fortune every year when she needs her MOT. Which reminds me, I also need to get new tax this month. Blimey, I really wish cars didn't cost so much. Anyway, back to the point, as you may have seen my car is a beautiful, shiny mint colour, and her name is Minty. I would never change her, even with her bad habits. Have a great day :)
• United States
20 Apr 08
My car is white as was my last car. I specifically wanted a white car because they seem to be easier to care for. Mostly, I wanted a car without metallic paint and that is usually black or white cars. My car sits outdoors in the California sunshine all day, so I can't have metallic paint. I've had a car with metallic paint and it faded so easily within a few years. I've tried car covers, but those didn't do a thing. In fact, I think it made it worse. I wanted white instead of black because it's easy to clean and doesn't contribute to the car getting hot.
• United States
20 Apr 08
My 2004 Aveo - This is my Aveo which is white.
Oh, and here's a picture of my car:
@podqueen (344)
20 Apr 08
I don't own a car, I just drive my mum's car. She has a lease car from motability (as she is disabled) and every 3 years she has to get a new one. She has recently renewed her car - her last car was a Renault and it was a dark purple/grey colour, and now she has a citroen and it's a maroon/red colour. In the past she's had cars that were silver, white, bright red and dark blue.
@kilani123 (865)
• United Arab Emirates
20 Apr 08
I have a white color and I like it soo much. no i am not gonna change the color of my car.
@rhane7315 (5673)
• Philippines
20 Apr 08
i don't have a car yet but if i'm gonna bought a car the color that i would pick would be either blue, red or lavender
• Malaysia
20 Apr 08
My car is silver in colour. I like its colour now so I do not think that I will change it. The only problem I have is maintaining its clean appearance because dirt, mud and other stains are very obvious due to the colour contrast.
@littleone3 (2065)
20 Apr 08
Our car is red it is the third red one we have had. We also had a blue one but i much prefer red. It is my partners favourite colour as he is the driver he usually goes for red.
@Bijou1 (160)
• Australia
20 Apr 08
My car is gold, so its a nice colour. Holden has brought out a really nice metallic lime green colour which i love. I am hoping to upgrade cars soon, and am eyeing off a black one. Looks nice and slick.