What Will You Do With Your Online Earnings?

United States
April 21, 2008 10:45am CST
I am just curious what goals people have for the money they earn through online endeavors such as Mylot. I personally belong to many different "Paid To" sites including Mylot. I do not have very big goals for my earnings, which is good because my earnings are still meager. However, here are my plans... Money sent to my paypal account will remain their until it has earned a payment through the Money Market, which is usually just a few cents, but hey... After the Money Market payment I will then transfer any whole dollar amount into a savings account I have set up for one of my children. I currently only have $5 in that account and $5 on Paypal. Once that savings account has accumulated $100 I will transfer it into a high yeild savings account for myself and my husband. (bank has minimum $100 balance on adult savings account but no minimum balance on accounts for children) After my son's account has again accumulated $125 I will then split the money into 5 equal savings accounts, 1 for each child. After that I will continue to deposit equal amounts between the 6 accounts. Any money sent by check will be immediatly go towards a debt that I owe.
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@mythmoh (3986)
• United States
21 Apr 08
i am earning on an average of about $100 through online.I will leave it for a month.after the end of the month i will transfer it to my bank account.i wont spend it regularly.I will use the money to buy gifts to my kid and hubby on their birthdays and on special occassion days.After working for 4-5 months i will take the money $500 and put it in CDs.They gives some what better interest than checking account.