do u like to play sims on pc or on some other console....???

April 21, 2008 11:42pm CST
wer do u like to play sims.....on pc or on ps2 or on some other console.....i have always liked to play sims on pc as it fits comfortable 4 me....wat u prefer...???
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@Chispa514 (871)
• Montreal, Quebec
20 Jun 08
I've played the game on other consoles and I don't like it as much as when I play it on my computer. For other connsoles you can't download extra things for the game, like you can on the pc.
@figjam00 (1450)
• India
3 Jun 08
The sims2 is one of my favourite games. But unfortunately because of my low end PC I can't play sims 2 smoothly. So I play it on PS2 which is not that much fun as it was on PC. There's a new version of Sims2 has launched on PS2 and this version got good review. I am planning to buy this version call sims 2 : busting out.
• Greece
30 May 08
Hi, I am addicted to Sims 2. I play it on my pc and I have all the expansion packs. Cant wait to play Sims 3.
• United States
6 May 08
I started playing Sims on a PC and loved it. When I got Sims for Playstation 2, I kind of thought it lacked something, but the more I played it, the more I enjoyed it. Now I have Sims 2 for PS2 and love to play it. I haven't tried Sims 2 for PC, so can't say what I feel about that. I also have Sims 2 for Gameboy Advance, it is pretty cool also.
@javaleira (372)
• Portugal
3 May 08
i saw it on a computer, so i bought it for ps2, although it is way better in the computer so i sold my ps2 sims game and bought it for the computer. I am much more pleased right now with the game.
@leanneg (178)
• Canada
28 Apr 08
I play the sims on pc only because it has easier controls and the sims don't look alien like lmao. The sims 3 has been annonced to come out next year and you have more freedom with the sims game!!
@060157 (1060)
• Pakistan
25 Apr 08
i v played sims on the pc, cell and ps2... well the cell game is pretty different from the rest and it is boring. played the game on teh ps2 and it takes too much space of the memory card and the game has too much load time and playing with the controller isnt fun at all because the browsing the menus takes quite some time. to put it simple... i think this game is just meant for the PC version and its PC version is simply addicting. its easy to play with the mouse and the processing is quicker than on the consoles. and the game looks better on the pc as well. i have most of its expansion packs but i have stopped playing this game because i just have a 40gb hard disk with v little space left so i cannot install this game with the expansions. i am waiting till summer to get a 160gb hard disk and i ll be installing this game once again (and maybe even get the latest expansions as well).
@newway64 (343)
• Canada
23 Apr 08
hi i like to play sims2 on my desktop computer you can see the game better then phone or ps2 have a good day
• United States
23 Apr 08
I really like to play my sims on the PC. There are so much more you can do with your sims when you play on the PC. I really enjoy playing the Sims on my PS2, but nothing beats the PC. If no one has Sims 2 on PC you have to get it!!
@sd_abot (177)
• Philippines
22 Apr 08
I play the sims too on my pc.
@qt_dsy (87)
• Philippines
22 Apr 08
i played it on my mobile phone, gameboy advance, and on ps2 consoles. but i still like playing it on pc. because it gives me more freedom to imitate life. and besides playing it gives me the feeling of being in control. play god if want.