Are you happy with who won the big give?

@cripfemme (7715)
United States
April 22, 2008 10:28pm CST
First off, let me say that I think all of them did a really good job, but I wasn't too happy that Stephen won because he acted like a big bully. He just knew what he wanted and didn't care what anyone else thought, which is sometimes necessary when you're trying to make social change. I truly believe the old addage, "It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission" but you should at least listen to other people's opinions. I thought that Cameron was just too focused on money to win. Money will not change our social system no matter how much we wish it would. It can help but it's not the point, and Cameron needs to realize that, which I don't think he does. In terms of originality and creativity, I was happiest with Brandy's project. I spent a lot of time in hospitals as a kid myself and know how isolating that experience can be. On the other hand, as much as money doesn't make the world go round, she should try to acquire some of it to help with the causes she believes in. All in all I wasn't particularly thrilled with anyone's outcome although I know they had to pick a winner. This wasn't the finale I was hoping for.
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@Thoroughrob (11750)
• United States
23 Apr 08
I watched it until they voted the girl in the wheelchair off. I thought that she was left out of what was going on and that the other girl did take over and not work with them as a team. I lost track after that. Alot of people were helped through the show. That was the good thing.