Potty training... when to start? How to start?

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April 23, 2008 9:46pm CST
My daughter is 21 months old, I want to start potty training her but I'm wondering if shes to young yet? I dont think she can grasp the concept yet, Also what is the best way to start her off? Any sugestions?
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25 Jun 08
I love to help with this one! Potty Training can really be fun...honestly! 21 months is definately not too young! Both of my kids were totally trained by the time they were 20 months old. A boy and a girl. We made it as simple and as fun as we could. I believe if you immerse them in it they catch on fast! We put the potty with us in the living room and let them run nakey whenever we were in the privacy of our own home. This cut out much frustrations for both them and us! If they did have an accident we would have them help us clean it up. We would never be angry just said Oh darn, please help us clean it up! (which was cute as anything to see them with the big old towel trying to help!!) Then we would say "Darn if you had made it to the potty you could have flushed!!!) They used to love that when we would dump it in the big potty and let them flush it down. We would say bye pee pee. I dont need you anymore!!! When I had to go I would come out very excited and tell them how great it was to go on the potty and even have them run with me to the potty and make a game out of it! We just really immersed ourselves in it with a real light fun attitude and they were trained in no time!! Good Luck!
@rane0328 (129)
• United States
25 Jun 08
honestly the best time to potty train a kid is when the child notices the potty, if you take them in the bathroom and they wanna flush the toilet over and over they can b potty trained and since its extremely exciting to them it will be easy to keep them interested
@digerati (287)
• Philippines
24 Jun 08
hello guinness1982, before anything, does your daughter likes or loves pottery? if yes, then go on with your plan.. if not, please do not cause she will surely not excel and enjoy the moment of doing it.. be considerate, digerati
@mom4kids (658)
• Canada
25 Apr 08
Before you do anything just get a potty and let her become familar with it. Tell her what its for. See if she'll sit on it, even with her clothes on. Go to the bathroom when she sits on it. 21 months is not too young. My daughter that I'm currently training first started at 18 months. She's in a bit of a regression right now. When she does go pee, makes the biggest deal you can about it. Stickers worked good for my kids, or even treats. I actually started with treats and then after awhile changed to a sticker and treat for #2. If she's not ready she'll let you know.
@LadyDulce (830)
• United States
24 Apr 08
My criteria for potty training my son was pretty simple. He's 21 months old as well, so I figured as soon as he could undress himself, recognize that he was wet or about to pee or poop, and let me know, he was ready to potty train. I bought him a little toilet months ago, just to get him used to it, and he's been peeing in it for quite some time now, but we only just got him to poop in it a couple of weeks ago. I was so proud of him! It just takes a lot of patience and good humor. He's peed in all of my plants and all over my house, but he finally got the concept. I wouldn't spank a kid for not getting it; it's a hard thing to do! Shoot, I even know some adults who still can't get it right every time.... that's why they have Depends. But as long as you're kinda easygoing about it, no pressure, she should get it. Good luck Blessed Be