Is it true???

April 24, 2008 3:33am CST
that intelligent/smart person or individual is low IQ in terms of as we all observed that most smart people is really getting hard to attain simply get into a relationship not even a serious relationship.........wonder why??? it because all of their school days are concentrated on study only and no time for LOve...or if love suddenly hits them they don't know how to react positively that's wHy..many have said such a poor boy/girl he'/she's smart but not that totally .... coz...there's know way you can know Everything but You can fake it..No one wants to look dumb... @jam@ ~k33p saf3~
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@gcrew931 (230)
• Philippines
24 Apr 08
I think you are referring to the famous Emotional Quotient versus Intelligence quotient thing. I personally believe that it is a hasty generalization to say that if you are good in one matter then your bad at another, There are people that I know of that excel in both. I guess there are always exception to the rule. All we have to do is look at the bigger picture. Well that's just my two cents worth and I'm not claiming it to be the absolute truth. Peace you all and have fun here in mylot!
@gloreymay (882)
• Philippines
24 Jun 08
Hmmppp... Not all smart people are like that to be fair but I heard stories from my friends but that won't be a proof for me to generalize people. It depends actually on how one handle relationship. there are different aspects of relationship which we must be careful to maintain a strong relationship.
@digerati (287)
• Philippines
24 Jun 08
hello minamikesh, i do not think so... i mean, i will not be boastful but i am proud i can be a great example demything this belief.. i am a smart persona dn a romantic person, too... lovewise, digerati
• India
9 May 08
not actualy this happen smart people are way too smart for love in reality depends they want a relation or not...
@Bizziebod (3526)
6 May 08
I don't think you have to be intelligent for it all to leave you when you fall in love! Most of us are blind when it comes to love. There is a little know fact that if you are super intelligent or intellectual, there is a good possibility that you have little or no common sense!
24 Apr 08
Pft, I'm with gcrew up there; love and intellect have no correlation if they did then none of my friends (nor myself) would ever find love. I'm not saying we're a bunch of Einsteins, we're just university students. Love knows no boundaries, as they say. Equally, not everyone who has a low IQ finds 'love' either.