Gas Prices hit Record ~ Up 14 cents in a week.

@icyorchid (2564)
United States
April 24, 2008 6:47pm CST
NEW YORK - Gas prices shot up to yet another record at the pump Thursday, with the national average price topping $3.55, although some analysts said the sharp price increases of recent days are likely to level off soon. Crude oil prices, meanwhile, fell more than $2 a barrel as the dollar gained strength against the euro. At the pump, the average national price of a gallon of regular gas jumped 2.3 cents overnight to $3.556 a gallon, according to a survey of stations by AAA and Oil Price Information Service. Prices have risen nearly 14 cents a gallon or 4 percent just in the past week. The story Continues:
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@DonnaLawson (4032)
• United States
25 Apr 08
I have heard that the price increases will not stop until it hits $2.60..I am not sure but was told by a friedn who owns a service station.. I do not know what peole are going to do, and I do not think there is a need for these increases.. The rich are just getting richer and the poor are going under, the middle class will soon join the ranks of the poor and go under with them.. This is ridiculous and something needs to be done about it.. Most people are making choices that they don't want to have to make.. It really is sad and we are spending too much making rich people richer..
@wickedangel (1636)
• Dominican Republic
27 Apr 08
Oh icy, things are always going up in price aren't they and it is things that one needs to get from A to B or to live on! It just doesn't make sense that the price for crude oil has dropped but that petrol/gas prices have gone up. This to my mind, means that the oil companies are making more money, yet again! Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us.
@jsitko (1169)
• United States
25 Apr 08
They do just keep going up and up. I live in Pa and it is anywhere from $3.49-$359 a gallon. If I go 35 mins. away into N.J. I can get it for $3.10 and they pump it for you. I do what I can to save fuel but I am still spending the same as I used to in a month but I now spend it in a week.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
25 Apr 08
Gas prices are rediculous. I feel so sorry for the people who cannot afford it. We are very lucky because I work from home and my husband lives close enough to his job, that he could walk if he had to. It is supposed to go up even higher soon. I don't know how the people are going to afford it.
@wisconsin26 (3859)
• United States
25 Apr 08
And sadly to say it will keep going up, I have read a few months ago that it was suppose to hit 4.00 a gallon by summer and I surely believed it too.. When looking at the prices now 3.55 a gallon I don't even want to go anywhere because of it I'd rather save my gas in case something happens, Not that I am saying it will or anything like that... Not only though does it effect driving but it also effects heating costs as well mainly when heating water, your home with propane it all goes up...