Is paranormal activity on the rise?

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April 27, 2008 10:02am CST
There is a lot of interest in the paranormal right now, with several fiction and non-fiction shows on TV stirring things up. Some claim this is because more and more people are starting to believe based on personal experience. Does this mean we are in a "golden age" of activity, or is this just a surge in INTEREST, unconnected to the level of activity?
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29 Oct 09
Yes, I believe it is. I have had experiences from the age of four. I was born in 1963, and have noticed in my own experiences a personal increase of phenomenon that I have experienced and have recorded in previous years. Albeit, throughout my 46 years of life-I have noticed that it comes in waves, but I have noticed that the waves are becoming much larger and closer to the surface. I make a point of documenting my experiences throughout the web. My website: is where you can view some of the inexplicable that I have captured on camera. I am hoping that with what I have experienced recorded and documented will continue. In the last twelve months alone; I have had experiences starting from last year 2008-there has been a remarkable increase in what I have experienced and recorded. I have so much material that I haven't been able to collate and place online yet. This year alone, I have spoken with beings, which my neighbour heard speak to me, but couldn't understand what they were saying. Between August and the first week of my birthday was several sightings of orange orbs, and not Chinese Lanterns. One of these led to me having a strange pattern on one of my feet. Yes, I do believe it is on the increase, and I also, believe that unlike when I was younger-more people are accepting that this is not the only reality and that there are other dimensions, worlds, technologies etc. It isn't because people are more open, but the evidence is becoming more readily available compared to previous years and decades. For example, on a recent MONSTERQUEST episode entitled 'Critical Evidence'; all bar one expert showed that the evidence that they had proved the existence of a large bipedal hominid in the States. Although, I may have had a couple of brief encounters when I was younger of the creature-the evidence is much stronger now than it was when I was a young child in the 70's.
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6 May 08
You know,, I am not sure if there is just more paranormal activity or if peopole are not as shy now abut talking openly abut the paranormal things they experience! But I LOVE hearing about these things and seeing all the new cool shows about it and..I think it's one of those things that you either believe in or just don't! I'd like to believe it is ushering a new, more "green" and socially conscious time for humans? But it's hard to say!
@scribe1 (1207)
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28 Apr 08
I agree with Tessah. The veil is indeed becoming more thin as people begin to accept that there is indeed the "Other Side." Our departed loved ones, after all, are not far from us, but in a universe that runs parallel to ours.
@tessah (6621)
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27 Apr 08
we`ve discussed this one before on the nterest and the "fad" of it all.. but heres my personal take on the acute levels of activity itself. those in the "know", took notice that a few years ago after samhain.. the veill didnt "thicken" and close off as it usually does after the season, and remained at a thin point, thus allowing for the more rampant activities that have been taking place all over the world. doors are opened.. and this is just the beginning of it all.
@lonewolfnan (4367)
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27 Apr 08
I do not believe there is an increase in paranormal activities,but there is an increase in the REPORTING of it.The internet has made it into a major story and TV has jumped on the bandwagon as more people question their beliefs.With millions having access to the internet and some wanting their 15 minutes of fame (be it on CNN or myspace),we see more people wanting/willing to put their story out there for all to read.Some of the stories are pure fiction.Some have reasonable explanations.But some are also true to those who it happened to.A healthy skepticism will help weeed out the fake ones so we can wonder/study the real ones.