What makes your life worth living?

April 28, 2008 10:00am CST
Lately i've been wondering what is it that makes life worth living? Especially now in a situation where people are experiencing a lot of difficulties financially, economically, politically, and even morally. WHat is it that makes you continue living despite the unfavorable conditions present around you? and to follow it up, why is it so? what's the significance of it?
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@mcat19 (1358)
• United States
28 Apr 08
It seems to me that it's very sad that you have to ask this question. I have so many things that make my life wonderful. My family first of all. I have 4 grandchildren who love me very much. I, in turn, adore them. They bring new eyes to an old world. I have four cats who light up everyday. They are funny, comforting, soft and adoring. They need me to see that they are fed and happy every day. It's spring where I am. I love looking out the window watching the trees green up, and the world become new. I love every sunset; I try to sleep through the sunrise. I enjoy the warm weather and the cool breezes. I love my house; it is the home of my dreams. Every day brings new surprises. I like to decide what to have for lunch and dinner, what to watch on TV, what to look at on the computer. I enjoy writing my cat sonnets. I love it when someone buys my book and enjoys it. No one has disliked it yet. I hope you can find something to make like enjoyable for you.