A gun was placed to a 16 year old!!!

@cmofi123 (344)
United States
April 29, 2008 2:37pm CST
I don't know what is wrong with parents now these days. My nephew was walking home from school, (his school is literally 6 blocks from home) when all of a sudden a guy gets off a car and stands infront of him. He aked him where was he from? My nephew replied, I live here like two three buildings down. They guy replied to him, "no I mean what gang are you from.? Of course my nephew is not from a gang, so he saids nowhere. The guy told him to take out what he had in his pockets. My nephew told him that he didn't have anything in his pockets. Then the guy placed a gun in my nephews chest. My nephew took out his ipod and gave it to him, then the guy left. I told my brother call the police and make a report. My brother didn't do anything, he just sat in his couch. what is wrong with parents? One kid pointing a gun to another and the other one acting as if his child was not scared and there was nothing that he could do.
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@obidan (368)
• Romania
29 Apr 08
This is courageous ! I live in Romania, and I never heard of things like this happening here, but it's very sad what happens in this world. I wonder what a competent police-man would of done to that kid, not a pleasant site
• United States
29 Apr 08
Wow that is really scary. I can't believe that he didn't do anything. I mean his son didn't get hurt or anything but what if the guy did the same thing again to another kid that same day and something did happen? That is really awful.