"Doggie go WOOF WOOF!!!!"

United States
April 29, 2008 10:13pm CST
What is/are your most favorite memories of when your children started talking? Mine would have to be when my oldest daughter had just turned 1 year old and she was just learning to crawl (I know late) and she crawls over to a big box of doggie biscuts on the floor at my moms house and plops down to her stoumach and points to the dog on the box and says in a very loud voice "Doggie go WOOF WOOF!!!!" and then looks at me and smiles! I died laughing. I dont think I stopped laughing for a week! I couldnt believe that a child that barely knew maybe 10 words could put a sentence together. With my youngest... I cant really remember anything too funny. Execpt the fact I wanted her to learn "Da da" first and she just looked at me with this funny face shook her head once and smiles and said "ma ma." lol I couldnt believe it. What are your memories?
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@kezabelle (2985)
30 Apr 08
Crawling at one is nothing my daughter didnt do it until she was 22 months old lol she walked before she could crawl or roll over! My youngest daughter has a talent for coming out with wonderful sentences that most two year olds wouldnt but I think the one which I tell people most is when she was showing her true drama queen antics and she was getting upset because daddy was out the front washing the car and she wanted him with her, she stood up banged on the window and shouted "daddy stop washing car nooooow" then burst into tears yelling mummy daddys gone daddys gone, like I say 100% drama queen!
• Poland
30 Apr 08
Hi MY daughter is 11 months now. She start talking now. Her first word was "ta ta" of course. She was 5 month then. For "mama" I must wait until my baby was 8 month. And now every day we hear from her something new. And it's really nice :D