Sometimes I think My teachers don't get me

April 29, 2008 10:51pm CST
Now don't get me wrong, I respect my teacher, but seriously I don't know what they are thinking about me? Sometimes their expressions are really obvious but other times, it's hard to tell...
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• Malaysia
30 Apr 08
yes..i think we cannot just see from one side only..we must hear and see from both or all side..sometimes students are not thinking that teachers are want they know everything about what they want to teach..
@kalav56 (11502)
• India
30 Apr 08
I am a teacher myself and I shall share what I feel with you. Sometimes I have had students who asked plenty of questions with the preconceived notion that they were right and that the teacher had really proved their mettle when they answered them. Now, all teachers will not have the patience to put up with it. I was on my own and so I showed a lot of patience with these children and though I thought that the girl was acting smart I put it down to her being immature and answered all her questions , however silly they may be[especially in Grammar] I was a freelance person who had an independent tuition centre of my own and was not finanacially dependent on any of these. I used to charge a nominal fee but was very conscious of the performance of my students and so i took extra care to see that they performed to their best potential. This gave me the patience.I had these students adoring me when they left me. Now. in a class which is bigger, the teacher is under greater pressure.It is not possible for them to be vigilant with every student. The brighter ones will naturally make a mark. The creative ones who have a number of questions to ask [both relevant and irrelevant ] would not provoke the same response as the toppers.It is the way in which they pose their questions. Now you will have to analyze yourself if you need an answer to your discussion topic. if your motive is to learn a lot from your teacher and the fact that you respect him/her is evident then the teacher is just looking at you with a neutral approach. If you feel[heart of hearts ]that you are right and you know that the teacher is wrong in some area , it is seen on your face and the way you frame your question and the teacher is silently irritated with you. If you feel you know a lot, and the teacher is aware that you are a good person who is just immature she is just silently assessing you . What you are would be seen in the way you pose your question and the teacher's assessment depends on this. Her, of course, I am making a fundamntal assummptin that only good teachers with merit and people who really know their subjects are recruited in your institution. In which class are you?