Use Only Few Crystals and Make Life Simple!

HEaling Crystal Pair: Shiva-Shakti - This is a picture of White quartz and Rose Quartz crystals which are known as Shiva-Shakti crystal pairs because of the work pattern!
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May 1, 2008 1:44am CST
Is that possible?Yes! Let’s see!Mostly we all have heard about crystals and its use in healing as well as fortune telling. Besides that crystals are used for ornaments and some time they are suggested to wear for the purpose to avoid any planetary disorder in one’s horoscope! Crystals have varieties of colors because of consisting mineral particles! People are attracted to these color elements but afterward come to know that such attraction was there because the person needed that particular crystal for his/ her overall benefit! Wise persons always say that crystals are calling you, just accept and leave other things on the crystals! Multiple Crystal Use There are books and books written on crystals and are available in the market! So many things and varieties and possibilities are part of these books that’s why some time common people got confused to choose the crystal and how to use!? There are simple ways to choose simple useful crystals and use those for your benefits in day to day life! We can say this multiple crystal use!There are three crystals very useful in this perspective: 1. White Quartz Crystal 2. Rose Quartz Crystal 3. Amethyst These three crystal can easily help you in your day to day matters as well will help you to make yourself relaxed and easy going in certain situations for which you are little worried!The White Quartz and Rose Quartz are known as Shiva –Shakti pair and are used to work on various things related with healing and well being for self and others! White quartzes are used to energize as well as to remove any kind of negativity from the related charkas. The process starts with the removing any kind of negativity from the person and then to energize by providing positive energy!The process of removing negativity and cleansing the chakras are done with crystal point moving anti clock wise on the concern chakra; while clock wise moving always energizing the chakra!The Rose quartzes always act like pulling agents, means removing negativity from inside by pulling. And its process is quick while doing this. So using White and Rose quartz together as healing tool with crystal energy, one can get fast results: Rose Quartz pulls the negativity and at the same time White Quartz pours energy by replacing negativity!The Amethyst is mostly known as a pain killer crystal in the field of healing. But its real quality is spiritual inputs within the person: This crystal helps to connect the person with his/ her spiritual identity by providing some kind of peace and trance element!Memory Power and Seed Charging One important thing about crystal is its memory. Crystals are able to memorize the instructions given to them for at least 72 hours! Even in computer memory chips crystals are used! It is a fact that one can heal 25 persons at a time using a charged crystal by providing affirmations, intentions in to memory realm of the crystal and it really heals! If send and implant the mental image of the person/s then also crystal is able to send energy to the person! That’s why crystals are used for healing purpose since ages!Crystals have tremendous attraction for light, because they are formed in the darkness of earthen different layers! Their attraction leads them to any kind of light, sparkling element! That’s why they absorb negative impressions also. So it is recommended that seed charged crystals should be use for any kind of healing or other purpose and work! Seed charging is a special process to seal the crystal to stop any kind of negative vibration. So that crystals accept only positive vibrations as well as its presence remove the negativity from the area! Other Methods of Charging If crystals are not seed charged then what to do? One can not heal using it? There are other charging methods as well as cleansing process: One can put all the newly purchased crystals in a vessel filled with salty water for 24 hours to purify those! After 24 hours just rinse all crystals with running water and dry carefully. Now crystals are ready to charge with your prayer, any effective mantra or putting under sun light and/ or moon light! The best thing after rinsing and drying is to pass through all the crystals, one by one from the smoke of cedar and other sacred trees dry leaves’ smoke. This will stimulate the crystals and open up for the energy grasping. It is noted that in the eastern and western both the tradition, crystals are put under sun light during the morning time up to 12 a.m. and moon light on the day of full moon: Their rays charged the crystals with fire energy and white mental energy. One can feel the vibrations after such charging. It is recommended that if crystals are put after cleansing and drying in to a glass or a big bowl filled with rose flower and water then energy charging would be very good. The important thing is this what ever method chosen and clicked by the user would be appropriate at a time!The only one limitation is there that this way charged crystals mostly used one time healing and then again put for cleansing all the following things… Thus the crystal healers are doing such procedure and keep attuned to their crystals. To attune with the crystals is very centralized necessity to use them with intensity for healing and subtle achievement regarding spiritual development! If one knows Reiki Natural Healing System and other parallel energy system like, Karuna Reiki, spiritual healing system and prayer healing; then they can charge crystals with such energy and use very effectively and positively. Common Usage These are common but very positive usages of this three, six faceted, 4 centimeter to 9 centimeter long Shiva-Shakti pairs/ crystals. To perform this and to get results one should have spent at least 30 minutes on certain position:1. The white quartz should be put on third eye chakra with point towards the head and rose quartz should be placed on root chakra to release any kind of stress! Time would be varying to person to person! 2. Any kind of emotional disorder or disturbance is there then put the rose quartz on the heart chakra pointed towards the head and white quartz on third eye chakra with the same direction. This could be done with the crystal holding in hands also: White crystal would be placed in right hand pointing towards the palm, while rose quartz should be put on left hand pointing towards fingers! 3. To treat the headache white quartz could be put on third eye, if the sever pain is there then put it above the head pointing towards over the head and rose quartz could be put on solar plexus chakra pointing towards the legs. 4. To treat seasonal sickness, like cough, fever etc.; Put white quartz on the third eye pointed towards legs and rose quartz on the root chakra pointed towards legs. This will treat the sickness and grounding the person. 5. Insomnia could be treated with the help of Amethyst. One can put amethyst on the third eye, pointing towards the legs and pray for providing sleep. This works wonderfully. 6. Any kind of dilemma, disturbance, uncertainty, will be dissolved using amethyst: This crystal should be put on third eye pointing towards head with the request of dissolving the dilemma, disturbance or uncertainty. This position will provide the solution also. 7. In general. these three quartz really make your life easy with using them in day to day life: just simply hold one by in your right hand for 5 minutes with an intention to make you refresh and it will work magically! 8. One can balance his/ her chakras by using these three crystals in this position: Put amethyst near by your top of head – crown chakra. White quartz on third eye pointing towards head and rose quartz on root chakra pointing towards head. Then just express your intention to balance your all chakras one by one and consider the amethyst as the leading crystal of this process and just lay down for 30 minutes. You will feel so many things during these 30 minutes, but keep in your mind that you are releasing everything during this session and become quite completely!When practice becomes part of the life, the users are able to get insights. Some time these crystals will lead you for quick decisions, some time just stop you! Most probably they will help you as your friends and hear your side on and about everything. You can talk with your crystals; amethyst is very good to communicate with, as well as you can ask to provide you peace when you keep it in your hand!Just be with these three beautiful crystals and make yourself going on!Have you any thing to add, to ask?You are welcome …
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1 May 08
THat was very interesting and informative.. I saw a show just recently which was a study of crystals and they were talking about the scientific reasons they found which gives them the spiritual qualities they are reputed to have.. Wish I could remember their findings! But I do remember I thought it was especially interesting..