If Democrats and Republicans had Brains they would be Libertarians

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May 1, 2008 12:25pm CST
Ann Coulter wrote a book a little while back titled If Democrats had Brians they would be Republicans. She is half right, but what she does not understand is Republicans do not have brains either. Both Dems and Repubs will fight over which government plan would be better. What is the difference? A government plan is a government plan. A new approach the Libertarian plan less government is better government. Laissez-faire economics what a concept, people not government in control. People actually making and having to live with their own decisions, no the government doing it for them.
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1 May 08
Anyone who reads the BILL OF RIGHTS and understands why each one was passed is a libertarian in principal, if not an actual member of the party. We have gotten so far from what this country is about that a majority of Americans now think people favoring many libertarian ideas are kooks. My favorite example is the requirement you have a doctor write you a prescription. This is tryany and a government enforced monopoly. A prescription should not be required for any medicine. Who does the government think it is giving MD's a monopoly on your health care? Believe it or not, in countries not requiring a prescription, people are not so stupid as to take medicine they don't need which will kill them. No country can be considered free in which you do not have the freedom to medicate yourself.
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