Another way to think and get good ideas

@scribe1 (1207)
United States
May 1, 2008 2:38pm CST
I've discovered this by accident. All I've done was daydreamed while sitting on the potty. Just thinking about different things instead of reading helped me to come up with ideas for solving problems, story/novel ideas, etc. Have you ever done this? Did you find that getting ideas came more easily this way?
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@BYOLA2871 (4373)
• South Africa
1 May 08
i do get the bets of my ideas by reading and sometimes while just thinking but never tried this one i wonder if i can really get that level of concentration you talk about
@agfarm (930)
• United States
1 May 08
Some of the Best Ideas in the world...happen while I'm on the throne! Unfortunately....after I'm done...I can't remember any of them..... DAzed & Confused!