dinosaur dung opens business opportunities.

New Zealand
May 3, 2008 4:17am CST
I just read in the paper that a heap of dinosaur dung has sold, at auction, for nearly $1000. Is this an opportunity for someone to make a "pile" of cash?. Just think, If dinosaur "poos" is so valuable what about other animals?. Of course extinct species probably hold more value due to scarcity of supply but surely, the more common animal "poos" also has value. Special factories could be set up where all manner of creatures are given a variety of food in order to produce "prime poos".(could be a trade name there). Animals would live in the lap of luxury just hanging around eating and "pooing". Prices would need to be set according to the quality of the "poos" produced. Because of animal rights all effort would need to be made to avoid undue "strain" on the animals. Animals would need to be fed meals appropriate to their species. You couldn't, for example, feed an Elephant tons of grapes and prunes as this would create a hazard to staff who would need to wear protective clothing. On the other hand smaller animals like mice could eat prunes with no risk to staff unless they had the mouse in their pocket at the time of production. You would also need to keep animals seperated by size. For example you would not place a cat in a pen with a "runny" Elephant in case it was "poo-ed" on from a great height risking suffocation. Almost as bad would be where the poor cat got hit by a "solid" lump of "poos", resembling a cannon ball, from a near constipated Elephant. Obviously you could put a Pig in with an Elephant as we all know that no-one is happier than "a pig in s*/t". Smaller animals would need careful handling as no-one likes to be "dropped in the s+*t". Dogs would,of course, be banned as no-one likes to "step in dog s*/t" I would suggest that apart from size animals be kept penned according to the product produced. These pens would be labelled "solid", "slightly runny" and "bloody hell". Staff selection would also be important. For example you would not appoint a short person to handle the "runny" elephants unless they were strong swimmers and used to being "up to their eyes in s**t". In the event of a major production shortage politicians could be used to boost supply because everyone knows that politicians are "full of s**t".
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@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
21 May 08
Hahaha...I read about this in the news. My first thought was 'no sh*t!? Some people are born entepreneurs and can sell anything! While some people may poo-pooh the idea, I think it's unique. Pun intended hehehe. (I should talk lol, I'm a farmer, and I took dried cow flops, polyurethaned them and turned them into clocks...sold well, had a lot of them that are hanging in farmers barns lol) Just shows there's a market for anything! Good post, I laughed through it...guess there's a lot to be said for the search for the perfect poo lol. You're just too funny lol!